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Mar 07, 2014

Pot Blog

Making Christmas decorations on the hottest day of the year.

A very long time since I took the time to update this page... things have got so busy since the launch of Glorious Mud, there is less time for making and even less for the admin. I just delivered a large amount of work to Cambridge Contemporary Art in Trinity St, Cambridge, for their summer exhibition. Cow Parsley, Allium and Fennel designs.Friday June 24th 2016

Just finished getting ready for Open Studios 2105 which starts tomorrow. And am now loading Christmas decorations into the kiln - one of the few things you can just about do with a broken finger.Friday June 5th 2015 

I just took the prototypes of a new tile design out of the kiln and am very pleased with them. Next is to try them in grey - for my new bathroom floor. Tuesday April 14th 2015

A long time since I last got around to writing this page. Having sold so much over Christmas, the last three months have been spent rebuilding my stocks, fulfilling outstanding commissions and planning for fairs and events for 2015. Too many ideas and not enough time. Hopefully I will make the time for a new photo shoot in the next few weeks as there are new designs and shapes in the pipeline. Friday 27 March 2015

The day after Sparkle, and my store room feels a lot more spacious. The feedback from the lamps and map tiles has been better than we could have hoped so I will be off shopping for more antique maps over the next few weeks. It was great to see so many regular customers, and the support of friends and family is much appreciated. Monday 24th November

Nearly ready to start loading the car for Sparkle and I am really looking forward to building the new stand. Hopefully it will look as good as it does in my imagination! Thank you to Theresa for spending four hours yesterday cutting out foam backs for my coasters. A really boring job and not one complaint. Thursday November 20th

Over a month since I have written anything on my blog as I have been so busy trying to get everything finished for my galleries and winter events. Glorious Mud, my new collaboration with Charlotte Stockley is nearly ready to launch, and I have spent the day sticking maps onto jigsaw puzzle tiles. All very fiddly and time consuming but I think they will look great. A big thank you to Jonathan at Ceramic Digital for turning around my decals in next to no time, and to Steph for teaching me Photoshop just in time. I am actually starting to enjoy it! Sunday November 16th

A very good day today. After a frustrating week of nothing being quite right, I just unpacked these jugs which will be going to Cambridge Contemporary Art and other galleries for November. They have turned out really well, and the kiln is back on with the matching plates and bowls. Friday October 10th

Friday again, and I am looking forward to my first weekend off in a while. More work on lampshades this week, some deliveries to customers and galleries (enjoying the new car) and some accidental designing of a new pattern when I was chatting rather than paying attention. Hopefully it will be beautiful when fired and make me my fortune!  Friday June 22nd

First Day of KAOS Open Studios 2014 today. Lots of visitors and a lovely day spent in a beautiful setting with lots of interesting people. Saturday June 7th

This week the main kiln finally died. I am now busy refurbishing it with new fire bricks, a tin of Hammerite and a whole new set of elements. Hopefully it will be cheaper than buying a new one, if not at least I am doing my bit for the environment by recycling as much as I can.  Friday May 16

A lovely relaxing day yesterday pretending to be a Kingston Market trader. I had a lovely sunny spot, watching the world go by and talking to all sorts of interesting people. The first Kingston Create Festival filled the town with people, market stalls (me) and fun activities. It was really nice meeting my neighbours several of whom got chatting over the Kingston Map Tiles I have just started making. I am glad to discover I am not the only one who can happily spend hours pouring over old maps. Tuesday May 6 2014

I just got the first two casts of my "Yvonne" lampshade out of the mould. Small things like a good pot make me very happy, and we will celbrate with a cold glass of wine once the studio is cleaned up. I am looking forward to spending some time over Easter thinking about the designs for them. Friday Aprill 11 2014

A very satisfying week as both kilns are firing nicely and the large pile of half finished pots is shrinking fast. There is new work to add to this website, plus some new ideas revolving around a 1970's lampshade I found today in a charity shop. Can't wait for it to be Monday so that I can start playing with clay again. Friday March 7 2014