Cressida Borrett Ceramics


A range of designs, which changes and evolves all the time, particularly the number and layout of flowers. Just click on the image for more details, price etc.

Thrown, slumped or handbuilt in off white stoneware clay with brown stems and lilac alliums.
All dishwasher,microwave and oven proof, so suitable for everyday use.

The jugs and mugs come in a variety of traditional and more contemporary shapes as it would be boring to make the same thing every day.

The wonky dishes are made by cutting and tearing the clay irregularly and are great fun to do, as well as being my bestseller.

The square dishes are made by dropping the whole thing on to the floor in a wooden frame. Very therapeutic although the noise sends the dog running for cover.

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  1. Sue de la Vega avatar
    Sue de la Vega Jan 4, 2012

    Hi I purchased one of your colanders two years ago at the Barnes Fair and I was hoping to buy another this year but I couldn’t find you. I was wondering if you still made these and if you do I would be grateful if I could come along to your studio. My mobile is 07802 809299. With thanks Sue

  2. joanna avatar
    joanna May 12, 2012

    I love your work and would like to purchase some of your Allium range , please advise how it is best to do this.

  3. virginia downes avatar
    virginia downes Jun 11, 2012

    hi ,i have just bought a lovely dish,you made.I would love to be able to sell your pottery.We are opening anew coffee house deli wine bar in westcott dorking.please contact us on 01306 888839 BERTRAM BEES.Ask for virginia or dennis

  4. Tarryn avatar
    Tarryn Oct 31, 2013

    I ordered a Cow Parsley Bowl and when it arrived this morning I was truly delighted by the quality and design of the piece. I also appreciated the use of recycled packaging materials and the card and information was a lovely personal touch. I will definitely buy more of your work in the future. Thank you very much! Kind regards, Tarryn.

  5. cressida borrett avatar
    cressida borrett Oct 31, 2013

    Thanks Tarryn, You just made my day, which has up to now been horrible due to a broken kiln. It is so nice when customers bother to leave feedback and I really appreciate it. Thank you.